"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much your excellent service, quality products, and competitive pricing meant to me this year. You made my job much easier and allowed me to be successful in 2012. Thanks again for a great year!"

Sherry Ross

Powder Coating at its Best

Since 1999, Georgia Powder Coating has provided commercial and architectural high specification powder coating services for government agencies, architectural companies, and industrial operations near Gainesville, Georgia and beyond.

For about the same cost as professionally applied paint, powder coat metal finishing offers a superior finish combined with excellent durability designed to extend the life of automotive, architectural, commercial, and specialty metal products. Powder coating is flexible and chip and crack resistant. Powder coat paint is particularly beneficial for metal parts and products exposed to harsher conditions such as moisture and chemicals.

Why Georgia Powder Coating

  • Quality powder coat applications deliver a perfect finish with no runs, drips, or sags -- each and every time
  • Virtually unlimited choice of powder coat colors, powder coat textures, and metal finishes
  • Large capacity production system delivers cost-effective surface finishing solutions for all projects, large and small
  • Extend the life of your parts and/or metal products
  • Powder coating''s efficiency, economy, energy savings and environmental friendliness produce a superior finish that you can count on
Our Powder Coating Services