Recently Georgia Powder Coating teamed up on a cool little project with Guns & Ammo magazine. Here is an excerpt from the article on our part in the project:

“For some of the components on the Jeep like the wheels and skid plates, I wanted a color change and needed a quality powder coating company. Georgia Powder Coating has been applying their trade for some of the biggest names in the motorcycle and private jet industry for years. What sets them apart is their prep and application processes that are very consistent and controlled. Each item is thoroughly prepped and cleaned and then sent through an automatic gun spraying system applying the product in a very uniform manner with no over spray or clumping. Any hard to reach areas are then addressed by hand one at a time.

Their large heating units then cure the powder coat through a computer controlled uniform heating and cooling process.  This ensures that the finish is properly cured and without defect. Each part is inspected and carefully packaged for shipping. The attention to detail and consistency is why aircraft and automotive companies turn to Georgia Powder coating.”

Read the entire article here.