Products Finishing unveils this year’s entire list of qualifying Top Shops, as well as the #1 ranking top shop in each category.

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Liquid and Powder Coating

Georgia Powder Coating (GPC) is constantly working to improve its operation and has invested in new equipment year after year.

Georgia Powder Coating (Gainesville, Ga.) has qualified as a Top Shop every year since the program and this year placed first in the Liquid and Powder Coating Benchmarking Survey for the second year in a row.

“Without the benchmarking survey we wouldn’t know what the industry is doing at large — until the Top Shops program there was no way of knowing where you stand,” says Dallas Cooley, vice president of GPC.

Cooley goes on to talk about the program as a tool for gaining insight into his company’s place in the industry at large. “We have never viewed the Top Shops program as competition, but more collaboration with our industry companions,” he says. “Receiving the recognition as a Top Shop is humbling because of our awareness of the truly great companies in our industry, they are doing amazing things. I am honored to comment on GPC’s behalf, however, if not for 100 others like Ramon Salinas who cleans our facility with excellence, to Counte Cooley our President, I would not have much to speak about, they are all heroes to me. We are currently in talks with city officials and architects in hopes to double our facility size and capacity, all the while praying for wisdom and trusting in God.”


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